2014 HTC Acceleration Client Accomplishments and Updates

While the Houston Technology Center hosts many programs, events and initiatives throughout the year, our main focus continues to be to serve our clients. HTC clients are Houston startups disrupting their industries from 5 sectors; Aerospace, Energy, IT, Life Sciences, and Nanotechnology. So far in 2014, they have already accomplished a lot and we wanted to take a second to update you:

Aptia Systems, Inc.

  • Aptia Systems, Inc. is a custom software developer, primarily focused on applications to improve business processes. It is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. In its 8 year history it has created 250+ web applications for clients ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500. The company has two healthcare products: Visual Specimen Manager, a biorepository product to help manage tissue samples and the data associated with those tissues, and MobileConsent™, an application that operates on a wireless Tablet PC to streamline the informed consent process. A third product is in development, Digital Slide Viewer, allows “glass slides” to be emailed and viewed as a digital image.

Arcos, Inc.

  • Arcos is improving critical care outcomes with clinical decision support devices. The Burn Navigator™, our first device, guides critical fluid resuscitation of severe burn patients, who can suffer prolonged hospital stays, complications and mortality if they receive too much or too little fluid. Arcos launched Burn Navigator™ in April 2013; multiple hospitals are now using Arcos’ technology to improve patient care.
  • Arcos made the first Burn Navigator shipments to U.S. Army medical support and training centers!
  • Burn Navigators are now being used at 6% of U.S. Burn ICU beds!

Bluenergy Solarwind, Inc.

  • The new BSW EnergySuite™ features the WiseEnergy™ Software as a Service (SaaS) package to manage, analyze and track performance of solar thermal, photovoltaic, and vertical-axis wind turbine power generation. 
  • BSW is working with Houston companies now, continuing to expand its partnerships with field service software and data center providers, to offer Big Data Services that can be used by energy project owners and Independent Power Producers.
  • BSW’s patented flat and curved solar modules are being designed for building applied (BAPV) and building integrated (BIPV) applications. BSW’s future product lines include the Solarwind™ turbine.

CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC

  • CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC manages the global delivery, distribution, and support of CBMvision, an innovative condition monitoring solution for balance-of-plant equipment. CBMvision, offers compelling benefits that complement traditional enterprise asset management programs. This cost-effective online, wireless, condition based monitoring system is easily installed, monitors assets remotely, and includes the unique ability to provide near real-time diagnostics globally through our CBMvision Explorer module.


  • DimDrop was recognized by the Houston Chronicle as one of the Houston Tech Startups to watch
  • Hired a new designer to realize the real estate video design and completed design phase for new real estate video product
  • Geospatial developer hired to complete new in-house geospatial recommender system
  • Victor Cintron, DimDrop CEO, recognized as an Aspen Scholar by the Aspen Institute via nominations by Shell and HTC
  • Began process to patent DimDrop geospatial video technology
  • New DimDrop corporate website to be released in July 2014

DreamSaver Enterprises, LLC

  • DreamSaver has filed their 3rd provisional patent application in three years for their proprietary space industry derived Thermal Protection System, which has been developed and tested with repeated results. DreamSaver’s tests demonstrated differentiation and superior performance in their market, the test consisted of 1,700°F on one side of the material for 1 hour, and the temperature on the other side barely hit 150°F.

Dynamic Tubular Systems

  • Dynamic Tubular Systems, Inc. is a pioneering novel downhole tubular expansion technology which utilizes elastic recovery of very high strength steel pipe in order to maintain well diameters. Completely unrelated to conventional expandables, the new system is supplied with pipe wall thicknesses of 2” or greater and with alloy yield properties of 200ksi or more.

Epic One Corporation

  • Epic One adds retired FBI agent in Cyber Security and Intelligence as Chief Strategy Officer - Willie Session
  • CEO William Gomez Jr. presented at the Federal Reserve May 27, 2014
  • Houston top 100 companies (article not released yet)
  • Recent Press: Forbes Pymnts.com Fox Business Interview Houston Chron

Houston Medical Robotics, Inc.

  • Houston Medical Robotics, Inc. (HMR) is developing and commercializing revolutionary image guided handheld medical robotics for use in various therapeutic applications. Our devices provide safer, cheaper, and more effective procedural alternatives, thereby increasing caregiver efficiency, hospital/clinic revenue, and overall patient satisfaction.

HURL Development. LLC

  • Hurl Development LLC develops Hurl, the social media platform that transforms any web enabled TV screen into an internet video jukebox where multiple users can “hurl” (queue) their favorite You-Tube videos right from their smartphones. Our company plans to custom adapt and market the Hurl experience for both public and private spaces creating captive audiences for sponsored messages. 

Integrated Bionics

  • Houston Chronicle has selected Integrated Bionics as one of Houston's top 100 leading companies in their Chron100 list. 
  • Integrated Bionic's HeadsUp is featured in Inventor Spot: http://inventorspot.com/articles/headsup-headband-could-shed-new-light-concussions-sports. 
  • HeadsUp hits storefront for private Beta at: https://squareup.com/market/integrated-bionics-llc.\


  • LRNGO founder David Brake presented a panel on "Survival in the New Knowledge Economy" at this year's SXSWedu in Austin, and was also on the board of the SXSWedu LAUNCHedu competition for which he has been selected again for 2015.
  • The development team at LRNGO has started rolling out mobile friendly, responsive website pages. They have also moved their website hosting to the cloud, and are working on a B2B platform for a possible pilot program.
  • LRNGO was mentioned in the Houston Business Weekly as one of Five Houston Technology Companies Transforming Business, and included in the Houston Chronicle Chron 100 list of 20 Tech Startups to Watch.
  • LRNGO added Misha Govshteyn, Co-founder and former CEO of Alert Logic, as a mentor and advisor.
  • LRNGO brought on a team of 10 interns this summer, selected from a pool of over 100 applicants that applied.
  • LRNGO continues to sponsor free public learning exchange speed-friending events held at the Houston Public Library and various venue locations throughout the city. To learn more about past and future events, go to: 
  • http://www.meetup.com/HoustonLanguagePartners/ 
  • http://www.meetup.com/LearningExchange/

• Mach Interview

  • Mach Interview provides Colleges and Universities an innovative way to increase their placement rates, while delivering a more personalized and expeditious job search, recruiting, and interview process for the candidate and employer.


  • M-CoGen manufactures micro-combined cooling, heat and power systems (MCCHP) designed to provide power for residential, commercial, light industrial, military and government markets. M-CoGen’s patent pending hybrid MCCHP system can achieve efficiency levels twice those of existing combined cycle large scale power generation systems. M-CoGen’s MCCHP systems reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency, balance existing renewable power generation systems, and greatly improve energy security and power reliability all the while offering a clean and continuous source of power.


• Metal Oxide Technologies Inc.

  • MetOx added a new COO and 4 new engineers.
  • Design build of 5 new commercial production systems in Q2 and Q3 which will be starting up in Q3 2014
  • First commercial wire before the end of 2014

Nano3D Biosciences, Inc.

  • Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. (n3D) operates in the general arena of cell culturing and our mission is to create the industry leading standard for 3-dimensional, in vitro cell culturing solutions and to apply this disruptive technology in the fields of drug discovery and regenerative medicine. Using a proprietary combination of magnetic fields and reagents that are added to media to magnetize cells, n3D created a simple device that can levitate and even manipulate cell cultures. n3D’s “Bio-Assembler” succeeds in offering an in vivo environment where tissues can grow significantly faster than in any other method currently available in the marketplace. n3D is positioned to offer a potentially disruptive technology to basic life science researchers that could dramatically impact ongoing research at cancer and stem cell laboratories, universities, and biotechnology companies worldwide.
  • Featured in Houston Chronicle Fast 100

NanoVapor Fuels Group, Inc.

  • NanoVapor Fuels Group (NanoVapor) provides innovative solutions to many air quality problems experienced throughout the oil & gas industry. Fuel Vapors (VOCs) are continually lost with hydrocarbon transfer and storage, creating environmental problems and financial loss. NanoVapor technologies economically recover the hydrocarbon product without creating CO2 or NOX byproducts.

Nurtured by Design

  • Nurtured by Design was recently certified by wbea nationally and as a HUB in Houston.

Ocianna International

  • Ocianna International, LLC is a global dynamic mooring technology firm currently located in Andover, KS. Ocianna International, LLC has designed multiple mooring systems that will hold in even the most extreme ultra-deep water environments. The systems are capable of working with electrical, hydraulic or pneumatically operated systems on vessels ranging from yacht platforms to the largest offshore production facilities.
  • The technologies developed by Ocianna are designed to prevent anchor breakaway and the resulting accidents; a phenomenon that currently causes over one-billion in insurance payouts annually. Ocianna International, LLC is capable of delivering a myriad of innovative products needed throughout the world today. By educating the anchor, Ocianna International has enabled a new generation of marine exploration to occur. 

Orbital Traction, Ltd.

  • Orbital Traction is developing drive systems for automotive engine accessories, such as cooling fans, alternators, water pumps and superchargers. These drive systems are based on a novel, patented continuously variable transmission that has been commercially proven in the challenging downhole oil and gas drilling environment. Orbital Traction’s accessory drives decouple the speed of the accessory from the speed of the engine providing improved accessory performance and efficiency, resulting in greater fuel economy.

PF WaterWorks LLP

  • PF WaterWorks launched in Houston in December of 2007 and has introduced a more effective, innovative, environmentally conscious, and sustainable solution for consumers to release clogs from their drains, since then PF WaterWorks has grown from a one product company to owning intellectual property on multiple technologies and close to ten products currently. With their tremendous growth in the years since launching, PF WaterWorks continues to simplify, modify, or develop new products which will improve/promote self-sufficiency in the residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality sectors.

PipeWrap, Inc.

  • Pipe Wrap, Inc. manufactures premier pipe repair systems to structurally rehabilitate US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated pipelines, as well as those in refineries, chemical plants, and offshore. Pipe Wrap will globally dominate the composite pipe repair market using patents pending advances in composite manufacturing. Using nanotechnology, we have increased the mechanical properties of our composite systems increase by 30%, none of our competitors will be able to attain these results. The development of the enhanced product systems are partially funded by NSF SBIR Phase I and II grant awards.


  • Qukku has shifted its focus from solely a video contest and market engagement platform, to a system that provides enterprises a way for their employees and customers to co-create ideas. Helping enterprises to innovate more rapidly and effectively requires Qukku to live the innovation mantra itself. As a result, Qukku has launched the latest version of its platform, delivered a solution for Microsoft, and recruited Neal Murthy as its new CEO.

Seniors in Touch

  • Seniors In Touch© is a patented family communication system for residents of Senior Living Communities. One of the greatest challenges for Senior Living Communities is generating communication between senior residents and family members. Seniors In Touch© leverages our patented technologies into an innovative system, enhancing communication between seniors and their families in secure and simple online environments. Providing today’s technologies to senior adults brings families together, improving quality and length of life for senior adults.

SHMSoft Inc.

  • SHMsoft, Inc. is a software company that creates solutions to manage big data. The company’s signature e-Discovery processing platforms, FreeEed™ and SHMcloud™, contain a unique Hadoop distribution for processing and advanced analytics that allow producing parties in litigation the ability to lower their e-discovery costs while managing data in a legally defensible manner.
  • Recently in 2014 SHMSoft released their latest offering, FreeEed as Pre-packaged Open Source Software for eDiscovery. 

Sunthenoil LLC

  • Sunthenoil is a producer of biofuels using algae as a feedstock. Algae is a non-food product that can be grown using non-agricultural land. The resulting product can be converted into biodiesel for direct use as a petroleum alternative, can be used by refineries to make renewable diesel, and can be used in the plastics industry as a feedstock. A byproduct of the process is a high-protein livestock feed supplement. Sunthenoil licenses the algae cultivation and harvesting technology from a California based company and focuses its development efforts in Texas.

Teledrill, Inc.

  • TeleDrill™ offers a state of the art Measurement While Drilling (MWD) technology with the unique capability to significantly increase Rate of Penetration (ROP). The drilling tool utilizes pulse technology to improve drilling efficiency in horizontal wells by modulating pressure, flow, and weight at the bit. The TeleDrill™ is a compact, user friendly, energy efficient, and reliable tool that is economically designed to target the largest part of the MWD market. The patented TeleDrill™ design provides the driller with the information he needs to control well-bore trajectory while offering the added benefit of increased ROP.

TerraData GeoSciences, LLC

  • TerraData GeoSciences (TDGeo) focuses on seismic imaging for the oil and gas exploration industry. TDGeo offers a powerful platform technology, Interval Velocity Inversion (IVI), that enhances time and depth imaging and ensures that well logs tie to seismic imaging. TDGeo’s approach minimizes turnaround time and avoids human error that is inherent to all conventional processing. This is accomplished by using data driven software algorithms that can solve complex velocity challenges at a resolution beyond current methods.

Titan Oil Recovery, Inc

  • Seven new patents are in process with the US Patent Office as of mid-2014.
  • A $15 billion Canadian company is now proceeding on five separate oil fields after they witnessed outstanding well responses from the Titan Process®
  • A recent May 2014 trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman has resulted in formalized business development agreements with service companies operating in these countries. This development will add “boots on the ground” to handle servicing and selling to oil operators in this prolific oil production region.

Trans-Tech Services LLC

  • Corporate flight departments use many different work-flows and processes internally to manage the logistics of their flight operations. Trans-Tech services provides consulting and technology solutions that standardizes their internal workflows and automates processes. Trans-Tech solutions replace current manual processes and complex workflows involving spreadsheets, checklists, and paper folders to keep track of all the logistics.


  • TypoBounty.com has been evolving rapidly as mentors secured through HTC have provided solid guidance for moving forward.
  • TypoBounty.com has gained new team members for our management team in the realm of Marketing, Sales, Strategic Partnerships and New Business Development.
  • Accepted into the IBM Softlayer Catalyst Program and have partnered with IBM.
  • The website is being redesigned for better User Experience and User Interface and preparing for our push to secure angel and venture capital funding.