Insider Corner: Dr. Billy Cohn, Gala Life Time Achievement Awardee

Dr. Billy Cohn has mastered the commercialization and formulation of medical device technology. His passion for progressing the life science field while preserving his self-proclaimed “rebel” attitude towards innovation landed him the Life Time Achievement Awardee in Life Science which will be presented at HTC’s 2015 “A Celebration of Entrepreneurs” Gala.

With over 90 U.S. patents or pending patents and 70 International patents for medical device technology, it’s modest to say that he has a passion for medical device innovation. One of his recent medical devices was the first implantation of a pulseless heart in a human with colleague Dr. Bud Frazier. At TEDMED in 2012, both Dr. Frazier and Dr. Cohn presented and demonstrated the pulse-less heart pump

In addition, Dr. Billy Cohn has founded or co-founded six venture-backed medical device startup companies leveraging technology he invented and developed (Viacor Inc., SentreHeart, Apaxis Medical, Anaxiom Inc., Houston Medical Robotics, and TVA Medical) or played an important role in implementation of new technology (PluroMed Inc.). Collectively these enterprises have raised over $161 million dollars in venture capital, government grants, and philanthropy from a variety of firms and agencies.

So what’s behind this passionate inventor, doctor, and entrepreneur? Magic and music. Dr. Cohn plays in more than five local Houston bands where he plays the guitar, bass, trombone, and vocals. If you’re interested in seeing him play, one band called Disco Expression plays at the Continental Club on a regular basis in Houston. He also has a love for close up magic tricks like his most famous, turning five $1 dollar bills into five $100 dollar bills.

Houston Technology Center is honored to award Dr. William Cohn with the Life Time Achievement Award in Life Science on May 14th, 2015 at the “A Celebration of Entrepreneurs” Gala. If you’re interested in hearing him speak about the role Houston has as a hub for innovation and commercialization of medical device technology, join us on March 6th at 7: 15 a.m. for Technology Champions at HTC Main