Insiders Corner: Bill White, Life Time Achievement Awardee in Energy



One of Houston’s most beloved mayors, Bill White, will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy at the 2015 ‘A Celebration of Entrepreneurs’ Gala benefitting Houston Technology Center.

Mr. White’s involvement with energy policy began in 1975, when he helped draft portions of legislation to deregulate oil prices. He also helped craft the bill that initiated deregulation of natural gas field pricing in 1978.

Prior to becoming the Mayor of Houston, he served as Deputy Secretary of Energy of the United States, 1993-1995. As the Department’s chief operating officer, Mr. White successfully promoted the use of new technologies for oil and gas exploration, the development of alternative forms of energy, and the diversification of the world’s oil supply.

In 1997, Bill White became the President and CEO of WEDGE group, a privately-owned and operating investment company focused on oil and gas services, downstream engineering and construction, and real estate. His entrepreneurial spirit led the WEDGE group to grow and build assets such as WEDGE Dia-log and Howe Baker International.

As Houston’s mayor, Bill White helped build the framework to grow Houston’s economy by embracing new technology. Mr. White served as Mayor of Houston from 2004-2009, and was twice reelected with an average margin of 88%. In the public and private sectors, Mr. White had a long track record of promoting investment in new energy technologies. He raised funds at the onset to support the Houston Technology Center, and as mayor helped secure funding for its offices.

Currently, Mr. White serves as the Chairman & Senior Advisor with a focus in energy for Lazard Houston.

We asked Mr. White, when he’s not improving the energy industry, what does he do for fun in Houston?

He answered that his guilty pleasure is heading over to Beck’s Prime at Memorial Park and eating a Hickory Cheeseburger in the outdoor seating area.