Innovation Conference & Showcase Recap



IC&S 2015 was a success with 600 attendees and over 70 startups on exhibit!

Here's what made the event unforgettable:

Walter O'Brien kicked off the day with an inside look into his very complex life which inspired the TV Show <Scorpion/>. At the age of 13, O'Brien hacked into NASA which inspired the formulation of Scorpion Computer Services, his first company. Through Scorpion Computer Services, he has recruited a team of geniuses to solve world problems such as tracking down the Bostom Marathon Bombers to using artificial intelligence in Afganistan. 

Here are his tips for working with a genius: 


"Follow your passion" was Alie Ward's biggest advice to entrepreneurs and the audience. She's a correspondent for Henry Ford's Innovation Nation TV Show which travels around the globe searching for new inventions and startups. 

Brian Meece closed the luncheon with trends in the crowdfunding space. He explained that "awareness can be just as valuable as funding,” and crowdfunding platforms provide both. He cited examples from crowdfunding campaigns on Rockethub that were later picked up by major news agencies like the Wall Street Journal due to major community backing. It's all about community! 

The exhibition opened with a roar! Over 70 companies were waiting to meet potential customers, investors, and early adopters.












Stephane Smith, CEO Integrated Bionics and IC&S exhibitor, explained, "In my hand, I'm holding a huge stack of contacts I made yesterday at IC&S and the after party...  A giant stack.  The majority being truly valuable contacts with prospects, investors, and door-openers.  I can confidently say IC&S 2015 has been the best networking event I've been to.  Ready for IC&S 2016!"

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Again thank you to all the sponsors and supporters who made IC&S 2015 a success!