HTC Welcomes Three New Clients

During the past three months, we have added three new clients to the acceleration portfolio. They are Chandah, A-76 and Amros. The additions of these clients continues to confirm and solidify our mission as the organization that enables and accelerates the growth of emerging technology companies for the purpose of creating jobs and promoting economic development in the greater Houston area.

Here is a brief summary of their companies and the technologies we have the pleasure of helping to develop.

Chandah -

Chandah - Chandah Space Technologies (CST) is establishing a constellation of small satellites to provide large commercial and industrial firms with data regarding their mission-critical assets. Asset owners will be able to use this high frequency, high resolution data to better manage their assets and optimize their portfolio by increasing asset lifespans and revenue opportunities. CST intends to make its service available starting 2016, and is closely working with marquee US academic and research institutions and aerospace firms to build its constellation of small satellites.

CST was formed in 2012 in Houston with the express goal of commercializing space, and the founding team chose Houston as its home due to NASA’s strong presence and possibilities for entrepreneurial cross-pollination with the vibrant energy and healthcare sectors in Houston. CST is also part of the prestigious Houston Technology Center (HTC’s) incubation / acceleration program, and its founding team comprises professionals with a strong background in government, aerospace, finance, and entrepreneurship.​

On why Chandah chose to start its business in Houston, Houston is an entrepreneur friendly city that has rich ecosystem due to NASA. Additionally, it is home to World's largest energy and health companies that allow for great cross pollination for entrepreneurs playing in the emerging commercial space sector.

A-76 – A-76’s technology is a corrosion inhibitor and lubricant that works in high humidity, high salinity, and extreme temperature environments. The key differentiators of their product is it lasts longer, it works and has a quick drying time. Just 5 minutes with A-76 as opposed to an average of one to 4 hours for competing products. It also helps to simplify the customer supply chain because A-76 works in a wide range of environments and on a variety of metals. Their main focus is on the O&G industry specifically on oil field equipment manufacturers and services companies because they have idle equipment. With some of the moving equipment, the parts can’t be protected by a paint, polymer, or a non-corrosive metal, that is where A-76 can really add value.

A-76’s management team has a very diverse background and expertise with this technology. The CEO, has managed programs around the world in places as diverse as the Middle East, Asia, and Africa and has also worked in energy investments, sales and manufacturing process consulting at Kalypso. Their COO, background includes safety and reliability engineering for a NASA contractor and testing and quality control, which will be a huge asset for their manufacturing process and standards control.

The company has competed in quite a few business plan competitions since A-76’s inception which gave them initial exposure. They have just signed a term sheet for their first round of fund raising and working to close that deal to begin scaling operations and begin actively selling.

Amros – Amros is an oil and gas service company with proprietary technology for calculating production profiles and completion optimizations for shale oil deposits. In short, this means they have developed a new way to look at the same data everyone else sees, but in a way that no one else can. It is changing the oil and drilling industry by using this unique approach makes it possible to calculate production profiles for vertical wells. In addition, the technology makes it possible to calculate brittleness or breakdown pressure that allows customers to more accurately estimate the cost of hydraulic fracturing. Consequently, instead of fracking 10 - 12 stages for most wells in the Permian basin, it would be sufficient to frack just 5 – 6 stages without decreasing production. Because of precise targeting of the best intervals in most cases production will be increased. 

Accordingly, the technology reduced the cost of fracking and generates additional oil and/or gas production. For oil the additional profit for each vertical well is roughly $1.0 million. The technology allows one to map production for different formations and to select the best location for horizontal wells. Their services include single-well, group-well analysis or field study.

Founder Dr. Vladimir G. Ingreman, has extensive international and domestic experience in evaluation of geophysical processes, and interpreting data to build static and dynamic models. He has extensive experience working with the world’s largest oilfield service companies.

To learn more about Amros, follow this link to their website here: