Client Spotlight: TypoBounty

This month’s client spotlight, TypoBounty, has launched a new cancer cure fundraising product - Internet Users Against Cancer (IUAC)!  Andre Roberson, CEO of TypoBounty, sat down with us to discuss their business and plans for 2015.

 TypoBounty changes the advertising experience by making the search for typos fun, rewarding and entertaining.   This is achieved by creating a community of typo-hunters who compete for typo-correction rewards. Users can either keep their winnings or choose to give their winnings to a charity or cause.  This recently added venue expands the user base by bringing those interested in charity to as an additive resource. 

 So why launch Internet Users Against Cancer? The goal of the Internet Users Against Cancer is to ignite the movement of internet users to rally together around the hunt for the cure for cancer while making the web a typo free place. 

 Essentially, offers something much greater than traditional ad hosting by offering organizations a cost effective and higher return on investment while supplying the platform and ready community of users to actively view and experience the content.  Companies using this service are more than happy to reward readers who proactively engage and read their content.

 With TypoBounty’s new platform, Internet Users Against Cancer (IUAC), you can donate all or a portion of the cash rewards received. “Charity has always been a core value of TypoBounty,” explained Andre. With this process in place, IUAC is poised to be an integral part of funding the fight.  Since the launch of their campaign, they’ve already seen a 15%-20% increase in their user base, which is an indicator of people’s desire to give back.

 What’s next?  TypoBounty will launch their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign using the Thunderclap platform. The increased user base and sources will help spread the word. For more information 


Be on the lookout for the March 2, 2015 launch! 

To learn more about TypoBounty visit their website