Client Spotlight: M-TriGen


This month's client spotlight, M-TriGen, is preparing Houston for the summer heat with their combined cooling, heating, and power system (MCCHP) that drastically decreases residential home owner’s electricity usage and bill. Their system can deliver two times the efficiency of the centralized power grid and three times the efficiency of conventional fossil fuel powered systems.

Why combine a three part power system that includes cooling, heating, and power?

MCCHP systems, such as M-TriGen's PowerAire, combine cooling as well as heat and power. Referred to as Trigeneration, combined cooling, heat, and power systems achieve a secondary level of efficiency by optimizing the production and usage of cool air through the use of conventional HVAC compressor. Providing cooling, heat and power, it is designed as the prime source of power and through its built-in advanced software platform can control and balance the load requirements of all he home’s existing energy sources including renewable forms such as solar, wind and hydro.

Creating a trigeneration system can deliver approximately 30-80% more power while selling excess back to the grid. On a good month, homeowners could have a positive electricity bill for the energy saved and sold back to the grid. Overall, M-TriGen’s trigeneration system is one of the most energy efficient process as well as a cost saver.

Has M-TriGen had a first installation?

Mstreet Home project

On May 12th 2014, Mc-TriGen installed their first trigeneration energy system in their first home – Mstreet Home Project. This 4,500 square foot luxury home hosts four bedrooms, four and a half baths, three living areas, a home theater, a wet bar area, and an elevator. They were able to take a large home in extreme conditions (Houston’s humid and three digit temperatures) and make it self-sufficient while maintaining a very low utility bill.

What about when a natural disaster hits; battery back up?

When there is a natural disaster, M-Trigen's products will keep users going without a generator or reliance on the grid. The system is backed with a UPS-type battery bank as well as software to ration out your usage.

What's new for M-TriGen?

2015 has been a big year for M-Trigen. They recently finished a round of financing, exceeding the initial ask from investors. Additionally, M-TriGen received multiple certifications such as UL, ANSI, CSA and CGA. For more information about their trigenration power system visit their website at