Client Spotlight: EKU Power Drives


A new client to the HTC acceleration program, EKU Power Drives, has developed a hybrid industrial power technology with the goal to make the cleanest and most efficient hydraulic fracturing pump system. We sat down with the COO, Edward Eichstetter, to learn more about their technology and power train system.

Hybrid Industrial Power Technology

Currently at an oil and gas fracking site, 10 – 30 diesel trucks carrying a diesel engine and pump use approximately 40,000 gallons of diesel a day in order to power a fracking operation. Diesel engines idle constantly, even when not powering the pumping unit.  

So how does EKU Power Drives upgrade the current procedures?  EKU’s proprietary and patent pending technology has an efficient power controller with software that manages the natural gas-electric powertrain system partnered with industrial batteries. In many cases, the system can use gas from the field/fracking site that would otherwise be burned creating unwanted emissions. EKU technology integrates easily with existing infrastructure while making idle time essentially disappear with batteries. This combination of a natural gas engine – generator – battery – electric motor results in a more efficient, environmental friendly solution than a conventional diesel powertrain.

Below is a visual comparison between what is currently used vs. EKU Power Drives natural gas engine. For a visual comparison of the complete process click here.

Current Diesel Enginediesel_truck.png

EKU Power Drives Natural Gas Engine 



How much is EKU reducing emissions?

EKU’s hybrid solution reduces CO2 emissions by 20%, NOX emissions by 80%, and eliminates 100% of particulate emissions.

How are they faring up with the drop in oil prices?

Edward Eichstetter explained that with lower oil prices, oil companies are focusing on how to improve efficiency and lower costs. This creates an opening for EKU’s technology in the market which significantly reduces the cost of a fracking operation. 

Learn more about EKU Power Drives by visiting their website: