Client Spotlight, DreamSaver

Launched in March of 2011, DreamSaver’s technology is based on 40 years’ experience with Space Shuttle heat shield materials and engineering. The leadership team of DreamSaver takes their experience working in the most extreme conditions, re-entry from space, to use this technology on protecting irreplaceable possessions.

The CEO, Jeff Cartwright is the former CEO & President of Cosco Home and Office Products, and most recently, COO and President, IGLOO Cooler Corp. Jeff brings a vast experience in logistics, product development, marketing, and sales for multinational firms in consumer products. The founder and Director, Chris Shiver, is a proven entrepreneur. Co-Founder and Chairman, Dr. Scott Parazynski, 5 time astronaut (retired), was lead astronaut for return to flight for the Space Shuttle program after shuttle Columbia disaster. Dr. Parazynski worked with the other DreamSaver Co-Founder, Clark Thompson, and was responsible for developing & approving the repair materials and processes to patch the shuttle heat shield in orbit if needed, to handle the heat of re-entry.

DreamSaver’s CTO, Dr. Hans van Doesburg, is a former Managing Partner for Accenture, for European Strategy & Global Chemicals, former Shell Chemical, Houston Research Engineer, and Ph.D. recipient of Chemical Engineering from the University of Technology, Delft and The Netherlands. Dr. van Doesburg has led the materials research, testing methodology, and IP development.

The company has been making major strides to commercialize their technology.  In every disaster, the news is full of interviews with people that reiterate the need for a better way to protect irreplaceable possessions, information and other assets, which are damaged at a very low temperature,” comments Dr. Parazynski.

DreamSaver’s technology and vision proves how products can transcend from one industry to another, and could be exceptionally useful in another non-related industry. DreamSaver has filed their 3rd provisional patent application in three years for their proprietary space industry derived Thermal Protection System, which has been developed and tested with repeated results. DreamSaver’s tests demonstrated differentiation and superior performance in their market, the test consisted of 1,700°F on one side of the material for 1 hour, and the temperature on the other side barely hit 150°F.

Chris Shiver chose to launch DreamSaver in Houston specifically because of the NASA Johnson Space Center and HTC. Shiver continues, “Houston is a very pro-business, hardworking city with a history of entrepreneurs and risk takers... Being onsite at NASA is a thrill and a source of many resources and great minds to help create our solution and product.” DreamSaver began in the Houston Technology Centers Incubation program and has since transitioned to our Acceleration program, “HTC has been a real blessing for DreamSaver.  We would not have had a chance without HTC. The support, the encouragement, the resources, and not to mention winning 3rd place and $15,000 in the 2012 Goradia Innovation Prize were all huge pieces of the puzzle.”