Client Spotlight, DimDrop

DimDrop offers mobile applications that deliver relevant and useful location specific services based on big data and visualizations.  Their product offers a more natural and interactive experience by including video to deliver and communicate content.

So what does that mean? We talked with CEO, Victor Cintron to learn more about the company:

Who is going to be using your product?

Our platform provides companies with an established group of customers an opportunity to better their experience and decrease the time and the cost of delivery.

For instance, real-estate companies and their agents are always seeking ways to remain connected or to establish a meaningful initial connection without the increased time and resources this process traditionally requires.  With our platform an agent would be able to quickly customize the experience to their client’s interests and needs which inherently creates a deeper connection.  An agent could use data based on a neighborhood, then build a video visualization around that data, and then provide their clients with a data rich video about that particular neighborhood. Think about all the things you search for when looking for a new home – schools, neighborhood safety, how many and what kind of restaurants and stores are around you, the list goes on – Dimdrop shows you this story through video.

What makes DimDrop unique?

From a technology perspective we are taking the concepts and tools of big data and applying them to a consumer market. The solution provides each consumer with an engaging and relevant experience based on their needs. Typically the companies in the industry focus on solving enterprise level issues and are not addressing the under-met demands of the consumer.  

Who’s the management team?

DimDrop has just begun seeking individuals for its management team.  Currently, it’s me leading the company along with an advisory board which includes Holiday Watson, Bill Stevenson, and Manoj Suvarna.  This advisory board originated from the Houston Technology Center network of which I have joined for the advancement of DimDrop.

What has been your experience starting a business in Houston?

As a B2C company in Houston, I’ve experienced a mix of benefits and challenges building my business. One of the benefits is Houston’s real estate industry is tremendous and the housing market is continuously growing.  Service providers are in need of new software and technology to ease the time and maximize the value and connection. A huge Houston opportunity for us has been the new laws making the city of Houston an Open Data City. We are able to access data that we hadn’t before which has eased the cost of obtaining this data.

What advice do you have to entrepreneurs?

Aim to solve a compelling problem. Do your research and avoid becoming so close to your idea that you lose your onset commitment to solving a problem.  It is important to stay physically and mentally healthy and be honest with yourself as to why you are pursuing your venture.

Kaitlin O'Brien
Author: Kaitlin O'Brien