2014 Goradia Innovation Prize Winners

The Goradia Innovation Prize recognizes the best innovations from the Houston Gulf Coast Region and encourages bringing those innovations to the marketplace.  The benefits of innovation can only occur when breakthrough technologies and groundbreaking products reach customers and patients. 

Congratulations to the 2014 Goradia Prize Winners:

  • Grand Prize of $50K awarded to NanoLinea, LLC, Colin Young, CEO. NanoLinea, LLC creates medical devices based on carbon nanotube fiber technology. The flagship product, CardioLinea, is a safe, durable, minimally invasive, truly therapeutic implant treatment for cardiac ventricular arrhythmia.
  • 1ST Place of $35K awarded to Big Delta Systems, LLC, Charudatta "Charu" Galande, Co-founder. Big Delta Systems makes ‘freeform power sources’ – energy storage devices that can take any shape, size and even flexible – using an innovative and scalable additive manufacturing process.
  • 2ND Place of $25K awarded to BreviTest Technologies, LLC, Dev Chatterjee, Director of Research. BreviTest Technologies, LLC. A device that automates enzyme immunoassays. Customizable disposable cartridges and established chemistries perform a broad range of tests with standard-of-care sensitivity and specificity.
  • 3RD Place of $15K awarded to Vax-Immune, LLC, Joaquin Altenberg, CEO & CFO. Vax-Immune diagnoses, treats and prevents Ureaplasma infection. The Ureaplasma Rapid Diagnostic Kit (URDK) allows physicians to rapidly diagnose and treat this infection, and prevent its complications.
  • Honorable Mention awards of $5K each includes: 

                  - Integrated Bionics, LLC, Stephane Smith, Co-founder/CEO; The HeadsUp                         headband is a sophisticated head impact sensor for youth and professional                           athletes.  It provides objective measures of head accelerations, allowing quicker                     assessment of possible injury.  We enable health and performance management                     through real-time and aggregated data. Welcome to the age of information.                         Welcome to the new HeadsUp headband.

                  - C-Bond Systems, LLC, Bruce Rich, CEO; C-Bond is a non-toxic, water-based                       “green” nanotechnology designed to significantly increase the strength,                                flexibility and safety of glass. C-Bond enables ordinary glass to dissipate                              energy, reconfiguring the molecules within the glass structure. This results in                        an invisible “safety barrier” that is extraordinarily resilient to high-impact force                      and severe stress environments. 

                  - Wavve Stream Inc., Eric Beydoun, CEO; Wavve Inc. produces a patented,                          graphene & nanotechnology-based coating solution for the water filtration                            industry. The Wavve solution simultaneously inactivates bacteria and                                  eliminates heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, volatile organic compounds                          (VOCs) and radioactive materials.  We don’t make the filters… we make the                        filters better.

                   - A-76 Technologies LLC, Lauren Thompson, CEO; A-76 Technologies supplies                      the A-76 line of corrosion inhibitors and lubricants, providing solutions to many                      industries, including energy, manufacturing, transportation, and maritime                            applications.  A-76 Technologies offers superior protection and lubrication for                        high humidity, high salinity, and extreme temperature environments as well as                      a green variation containing no volatile organic compounds.

                        - SOHMIUMe, LLC, Christopher Morgan, Business Development Manager.                               Sohmiume, LLC is an advanced material manufacturer who has developed a                         Nano-Carbon Processing Technology. This technology enables our company to                       manufacture high quality Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes in large quantities that                       can be made available at low cost. Our target markets are polymer resins and                       structural composites products.

A special thank you to the Goradia Family Foundation and Greater Houston Partnership for aiding in the growth of breakthrough technologies!