16 Tech Startups Kick off HTC's Ignition



Houston Technology Center welcomes companies to its 5th class of Ignition with 16 companies.

Ignition provides client companies with tools and essential information for growth and commercializion. The sessions cover various topics such as Business Modeling (Lean Canvas), Go to Market Strategy, Value Proposition, Media Training, and Company Structuring. Mentors are matched accordingly to the companies, and participate alongside them throughout the duration of the program.

Here are the participating companies for the Spring 2015 Ignition Class:


·         Mud Labs, LLC | Patented Drilling Fluid Management System for Onshore Optimization of the drilling fluid by improving the efficiency of the solids control equipment. MudLabs is a disruptive oil field technology that displaces the traditional fluid management process for onshore drilling rigs. MudLabs will provide data and information for a new digital oil field management system for drilling fluids.

·         Petro Lessons | Petrolessons.com is a portal for buying and selling of oil and gas knowledge. Petro Lessons allows any instructor, institution or company to put up courses that are relevant to oil and gas online for free! Courses are available for purchase worldwide on demand 24/7. The content is owned by the authors and they make 70% of net revenue. Petro Lessons aim to change the knowledge transfer culture and democratize O&G knowledge.

·         Rheidiant, LLC | Major environmental spills of hazardous liquids from pipelines are often undetected by today’s integrity management solutions. The high deployment cost of existing systems poses a challenge to the pipeline industry looking to increase instrumentation on their aging pipeline infrastructure. Rheidiant’s patent-pending acoustic detection technology is aimed at ease of deployment through non-intrusive, peer-to-peer network enabled sensing devices, allowing access to data in remote cross-country locations.

Information Technology

·         All Business Solutions, LLC | Pro-Tech Yourself designs and produces Mobile Safety Systems that protect yourself, your vehicle, and entire campus environments such as, K-12, universities, corporate, malls, stadiums, and other similar locations using YESS system software that integrates numerous devices. The YESS system works by taking the personal cam real time video, audio, and GPS, then sharing it on a video conferencing service with up to 10 other individuals for help or rescue during emergency situations.

·         AUGMENTe Tech Studio, LLC | AUGMENTe seeks to build a profitable client base by utilizing the "Augmented Reality" based customer centric enterprise mobile commerce platform called "Holistic Media". It augments a product or any form of printed advertisement to engage, entertain and educate consumers. At the same time it determines the interest and builds business intelligence for actionable insight. It makes re-offers instantly available to gain customer loyalty and increase ROI.

·         Corimba Technology Solutions | Corimba Technology Solutions will provide professional wireless and wired networks products for the health and industrial network markets.    With its leading competency in wireless sensor networks,  Corimba's services will help health, industrial, and homes to exploit technology to help companies reduce cost and improve their efficiencies.

·         CO Vouch, LLC | CO Vouch uses patent-pending, smartphone based technology to create a secure evidentiary chain including geotagged, time/date stamped photos to support claims by importers' and exporters' country of origin claims for international trade compliance purposes. Could also apply to document the place of delivery or of use for exported goods.

·         Door Space Inc. | Door Space, Inc. designs, develops, and markets cloud-­‐based software and services for the corporate, education, government, energy, and healthcare e-­‐learning industries. Our enterprise software platform makes it simple and cost effective to track, organize and measure corporate training ROI, giving businesses a full 360 degree view into the collective knowledge and skills inside the organization.

·         FTM Technologies, LLC | FTM Technologies LLC builds process software.  Our first product is called GSS, which is our uniquely designed procurement workflow to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

·         Takeover Sports, LLC | A mobile app for teams, players and coaches for all sports at all levels. A social media platform for the everyday athlete and health enthusiasts. The TOS app gives all athletes and teams a tool that will allow the users to plan, manage and interact with every aspect of their active lifestyle from planning team practices to gathering players at the gym for a few pickup games.

Life Sciences

·         MedeStat, Inc. | MedeStat’s mission is to create the bridge between Electronic Health Records and the real world by developing solutions that allow medical professionals to access patient information in a secure, rapid manner anywhere in the world while maintaining full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our LifeGuard solution is the world’s first and only portable Electronic Medical Record that is Weatherproof, Secure, Highly Affordable, Easy to Create & Update, and can be instantly accessed anywhere by any smart device in an Emergency to help save your life without a need for Internet Access.

·         Topo Medtech Inc. | Topo Medtech is a startup oncology drug development company but with a rich and deep history. The founders are committed to develop effective drugs with low and manageable toxicity for various cancers. And within much shorter timeframes compared to traditional chemotherapy development.

HTC South Clients

·         Expandable Structures, LLC | Expandable Structures, LLC is a manufacturer of composite construction products. Our primary product focus is to develop a structural panelized composite system that will replace wood sheathing, roofing and subfloors for residential or commercial construction.

·         GoToPills, Inc.| Many of us don’t realize that 80% of the drugs that our doctors prescribe for us are off-label and have not been tested or validated by the FDA for our particular condition. GoToPills hopes to reduce the unforeseen complications that patients may experience from taking off-label prescriptions along with the associated liability of health care providers when these complications occur.

·         JACQ Technologies, LLC | JACQ Tech is a new startup company that formed with an aim at developing a Navigation System for autonomous unmanned Aerial vehicles in the event of GPS signal loss. The system incorporates a new 'sense and avoid' technology enabling high-speed operation in a cluttered urban environment. The company is currently in the phase of finding out whether the proposed technology is viable as a commercial technology.

·         GreenGroup Systems LLC | GreenGroup Building Products, dba GreenGroup Systems, is finalizing its business model, developing and testing prototypes and formulating a business strategy. We now offer a product line of energy efficient, cost effective, maintenance-free window systems called Greenview Windows™.