Accelerate the Growth of Your Technology

Applying to HTC's Client Program

The best way to learn if you qualify for the Acceleration program and how HTC can assist you in commercializing your technology is to attend one of our orientations. Orientations are held twice a month at the midtown location and once a month in the JSC area.

Register to attend orientation, click HERE

Acceleration Program

To Qualify

Candidates must:

  • Be a company headquartered in the Gulf Coast area
  • Be in one of HTC’s focus industries
  • Have proprietary, disruptive technology
  • Have potential to reach $30M by 5th year
  • Be willing to assemble appropriate management team
  • Complete application & pay application fee ($250)

Ready to Apply?

Download the HTC Acceleration Application 

Submit Payment

Before making a payment to the Houston Technology Center, please discuss with your acceleration coordinator your options. To become an active client, you can either pay annual fees with a lower equity or no annual fees with a higher equity.

Warrant Options

  • If accepted as a client:
    • 4% of Company's Ownership * or
    • 2.5% of Company's Ownership plus $1,500 per calendar year of Client Term*

* provide 20 year Warrant (exercisable upon liquidity event)


HTC strives to enable and accelerate the growth of emerging technology companies for the purpose of creating jobs and promoting economic development in the greater Houston area, so you can be assured regardless of your acceptance into the program, all companies applying are provided feedback and guidance in their business plan.

For questions or to request additional information please contact: